My second wind

FOLEGO is the conjunction of FO (for “foto/photo”) and LEGO (for “reading”), referring to the beauty of photography and art in general, where the person interpreting the picture is free to create his or her own story with regards to the image portrayed by the photographer.

FOLEGO, or fĂ´lego, is also Portugese for “breath”, or “wind”. Photography has always been my much adored hobby, which I have never been able to explore or develop to the full. It is however like breathing, like an escape from everyday life. Maybe someday I’ll even find in it my second wind :-). Until then I will be more than happy if watching my photography can get a smile on your face.

This website is new, and more will be posted in the weeks to come, so stay tuned and be sure to come back and visit now and then.

Please keep in mind that the content of this website is copyrighted. Use of pictures is forbidden without permission. Contact me at kurt@folego.xyz is you have any questions to this regard. Thank you.